Cleansing for spring

I never have been a “faster”.  I like food too much for that and since there is lots of it around, why not eat it?  As for the idea of cleansing, I relied on my body’s natural ability for  that….until   I found out that I could do a kind of cleanse which allows for regular meals, while adding some convenient nutrition with shakes.  The company is Isagenix; They  have a good record for their nutritional research and use of organic non-GMO products. Since I could use a bit of “cleansing and shedding’ this spring, as well as saving a bit of time spent on preparing meals, I was up for this.  At mid-way, I noticed it helped me to eat less sugar which I didn’t need.   I knew if I had a craving I could use that script I put on the website here for tapping it away, using EFT.  But the system is so well formulated, there is a built-in control for the sugar cravings. I made  the shakes more exciting by adding a little frozen fruit and everything  tasted ok, even mildly pleasant, so I was  able to stick with it mostly.

at the end of the 30 days…..

I would recommend this plan for people like me who want an occasional break for their system, from the time-consuming cooking and from less than ideal habits (and weight) which have accumulated, andto  really get them back on track with some easy, convenient nutrition. My energy was  good and I have shed some of the winter and hormonal-driven excess. Only the first day of the cleanse was really challenging. After that, I was surprisingly free of any extreme hunger. In fact, my tummy growled less than usual. I think it was growling before because I was eating more that I really needed. I do feel and look trimmer. I did not run to the sweets I have been skipping, once I was done the 30 days, because my system has adapted.  I still have some of the shakes instead of a meal, from time to time, for convenience sake. The Isagenix formulas are really effective for providing balanced nutrition and helping to maintain those positive changes. What a discovery!