one year progress

Can’t believe it’s been that long since I ‘planted the seed’ for the world trip. That seed  has been watered and sprouted a bit, but won’t be ready for departure into the vast beyond until fall of 2014. The country list includes: Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Peru, possibly the Ukraine, Italy, Spain, England and France.  The fund drive indirectly landed a partial subsidy, but this has been diverted to a trip to Ontario this summer for International tai chi instructors training week. I am sure to meet people there who I can connect with in my travels.  After giving massages this past week to riders from all over the globe participating in BC Bike Race, I have expanded my contact list even more. Also have invested in the tools I need to  create  a presentation called “Roots”, for stages around the globe. In other words, I’ve set my sites to become a world-class speaker in the realm of emotions.  These seminars will demonstrate and teach attendees  the best ways to get at the roots of what ails them most, using EFT and other  effective tools. These tools will  eliminate root causes of  physical problems, weight and relationship issues and a host of other common problems that are not easy to find solutions to. I may even be able to present in three languages, as I am now refining my weakest (Spanish) by taking lessons with my tutor Elio Masci, via SKYPE. It’s all very exciting and this year you will witness a real growth spurt in this venture as it reaches its full potential. I feel fortunate to have these wonderful opportunities available to me, which are the culmination of all the knowledge and experiences of the first half of my life. More to come 😎