RootsEFT gatherings for learning, sharing and transformation

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The evidence-based techniques can be taught to groups of interest for personal use. Learn unique skills for everyday challenges.

By attending workshops you will:

  • Take a significant step to overcome long-standing disturbing issues
  • Move relationships from challenging to epic
  • Leave feeling light, relieved, excited, peaceful

EFT frees us from what limits us, so we become our true and happy selves. You will clear the blocks or the “buts”:  I want to be more fit, have more energy, create a healthy relationship or more income but…….

Massage Techniques course

Massage Techniques course encompasses 20 hours of training to enhance your natural hands-on ability and provide the ultimate relaxation for your partner or friends. Suitable for general public as well as estheticians, hairdressers and other interested professionals. Small classes at the Squamish studio are organized with flexible scheduling to suit the needs of participants.

Content includes some theory but is mostly geared to practical techniques. The trainees will be equipped to do a head to toe relaxation massage lasting 60-90 minutes. Specialized techniques can be covered, tailored to the needs of the participants.

Certificates are presented on completion of the course hours.

Call for more information or to be on the wait list for any of the above sessions.

“I am so grateful for your help and support in releasing those emotions and beliefs. I could really feel the energy moving in my body during and immediately after the ‘session’ and feel so much lighter as a result! Thanks so much for creating that opportunity and sharing your gift.

Squamish Massage Offer

10% discount — Holistic Rebalancing Massage after your outdoor activities

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