Is Something Eating You Up?
Break free with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Emotional Freedom Technique

Using RootsEFT and other recent developments, Relationship and Intimacy Coach Heather will explore the science and art of love with you. See more on the LOVE IS THE WAY

EFT, often known as Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique, is a well-known healing tool with impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues. It is used to address feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, depression and tendency towards emotional eating (eating something and then wishing you hadn’t) but really is no limit to its applications.

While some positive shifts are seen doing this on your own or tapping along to general scripts, more focused and personalized sessions with a trained practitioner like Heather with her own version she calls RootsEFT can transform the deep emotional roots to make results more permanent, as our natural healing potential becomes fully activated as brain chemistry and even our DNA are altered.

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We treat you with the best all-natural products including 100% pure essential oils, hypo-allergenic massage oils and natural fibre sheets. To complete this ultimate experience, we create an atmosphere with the same scents, sounds and sensations you would find in the most luxurious of spas.

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Massage/EFT combos with essential oils are available for enhanced relaxation

Results you can rely on:


Most people I see have over 80% improvement at the first session. The American Psychological Association recognizes EFT as an evidence-based treatments effective for a number of conditions, including PTSD.” EFT offers a gentle, gradual clearing of whatever triggers you to over-react, leading to dramatic and long-lasting improvements. Here’s what clients say:

I’ve had massages all over the world and I have to tell you that was the best and most amazing massage I’ve ever had. You listened to my needs and gave me exactly what I needed.

Physiotherapist from LA says (2021)

“I highly recommend Heather Donaldson. She is very knowledgeable about multiple healing fields and her years of experience were evident through the confident way she addressed tension held in my body. Her hands are very intuitive and knew exactly where my body needed attention. I left there feeling more open and relaxed than I had in quite some time. Her rates are very reasonable and she was flexible enough with her schedule to squeeze me in when I dearly needed it. Many thanks Heather!”

“My therapist truly cared about the person (me) and correcting the problem…The therapist was more than accommodating and was able to fit me in that same day. When I arrived I was presented with very knowledgeable, professional and friendly service. She not only addressed my pain through massage but was able to assess the underlying cause of this recurring issue and provide suggestions as a preventative. I would recommend Nature’s Way to anyone. Thank you for such a wonderful experience and I will be back.”

“Trainer & gym owner specializing in exercise physiology raved to his friends: I was not sure if I would get a good massage but in the end, it was one of the best massages I’ve  ever had.

Similarly, a regular client/ business owner and avid skier said:  I have had a lot of massages around the world and I love yours the most .

Young adult with excruciating pain in lower back and hips after her mind-body combo:

I feel more relaxed than I’ve felt in a very long time. I am so grateful to you.”

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