Holistic Rebalancing

Holistic Rebalancing Massage covers head-to-toe therapy, relaxation and pampering all in one, leaving you truly transformed in mind, body and spirit. Everything is energy and when it is balanced, the world is a better place.

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‘On-location’ chair massages

From $35 each or $95 hourly fee with 2-3 treatments per hour.
NB. A $15 fee is charged for each visit to your home or hotel. Receipts can be issued. We’re Squamish’s source for massage. Serving Squamish, Whistler and Vancouver.

Enjoy our soothing
Add Ons

Everyone likes that special touch and you can make your choice of massage an extra special experience by enjoying our Soothing Add Ons.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT, often known as Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique, is a well-known healing tool with impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues. It is used to address feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, depression and tendency towards emotional eating (eating something and then wishing you hadn’t) but really is no limit to its applications. 

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Holistic Rebalancing Massage

Holistic Rebalancing Massage covers head to toe therapy, relaxation and pampering all in one, leaving you truly transformed.

Both Shiatsu therapy and Swedish massage are incorporated in the basic treatment.
90 minutes includes steam compress, customized essential oil facial blend and specialized work in areas where you require attention.


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Translated from Japanese, the word Shiatsu (she-’at-soo) means finger pressure. The Zen shiatsu we offer is like a massage version of acupuncture, without the needles.

The oils and stroking movements of massage are replaced by gentle stretching and deep pressure covering both broad areas and specific points along defined lines or meridians. These movements promote free flow of Chi or energy. See More

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Sports Massage

Sports are huge in Squamish and Whistler. Lay back and get your massage in Squamish or massage in Whistler.

Our sports massage is adapted to meet the needs of the person doing the athletic activity. It differs depending on the clients condition, type of activity and whether it is for conditioning just before activity, for maintenance between workouts or recovery just after activity. Specialized techniques help to remove toxins, stretch muscles and break down scar tissue. See More

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Couples Massage

Couples Massage is one of our most popular requests. Whether joined by a friend or partner, the two of you emerge from your massage and savour the bliss together.
What’s more, this choice means a price discount so you actually get more for less.
…Date Night In
Here’s a brilliant idea: Put the children to bed, turn down the lights and we transform your living room with the look, tunes, aromas and sensations of a luxury spa. See More

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Seniors Massage

When older persons are experiencing changes in their bodies which may be keeping them closer to home or even a special care residence, a caring massage at home may be the lift they need for body, mind and soul.

This specialty of Nature’s Way Mobile Massage & Shiatsu is a positive approach, celebrating life, while receiving relief and comfort during later stages of life. Specialty training in geriatric and palliative care assures your competent care no matter what conditions are being experienced. EFT add-on is recommended. We provide natural relief from arthritis and cancer-related pain.See More

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Whether replacing a break at work or impressing your guests at a social event, 15-20 minute on-site chair massage/shiatsu will be popular. The revitalizing treatment is done through clothing while sitting face-forward, fully supported in the massage chair.

This allows every part of the body to relax while relieving tension in the neck, back and shoulder muscles. See More

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Soothing Add Ons

Everyone likes that special touch and you can make your massage an extra special experience by enjoying our soothing extras. Enjoy hot stones, aromatherapy and feet treats reflexology. Simply mention which extra you would like when you make your massage booking. See More

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Massages from just $95

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