Keya Guimarães – Proud Mommy and Squamish Resident

As a new mommy, it doesn’t take long to grasp the totality of the symbiotic relationship between my baby and myself. The experience of mothering is a triathlon for the body, heart, and mind; as tiring and taxing as it is numinous! So I called Heather because taking care of my body is an extension of taking care of my baby. Her 90 minute Holistic Rebalancing Massage achieved immediate relaxation (and bliss!) but perhaps more vitally, a complete rebooting of my system.

I felt energetic and stronger waking up the next morning, ready to snuggle my little one all the more. The tightness I had in my neck and shoulders from hours of nursing felt supple and calm. Heather’s strong stroke and knowledgeable technique makes massage a necessity for a healthy mommy, and thus, a happy, healthy baby.

Keya Guimarães - Proud Mommy and Squamish Resident