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Rejuvenate your body, ease your pain, reduce your stress and indulge your soul, with us – naturally!

We are Nature’s Way Holistic Health and for over 15 years we have offered a wide variety of massages, holistic and natural therapies that suit all ages and lifestyles.

Natures Way Massage Empowering you

Serving clients in Whistler, Squamish and Vancouver, Nature’s Way Holistic Health brings outstanding Massage Therapy, therapeutic and holistic services, the highest ethical practices and confidentiality. We have a team of experts, including registered therapists that specialize in holistic massages, shiatsu, at-home stretches and other therapies that will enhance your own natural ability to heal.

Whether you need relief from muscle tension or chronic pain, help to rehabilitate from a sport injury, or just some relaxing “chill-time” our mobile service offering sports massage, shiatsu massage, couples massage, EFT therapy and other services designed to revitalize your body, mind and spirit.

Why Choose Nature’s Way Holistic Health?

  • Mobile Services
  • 15 plus years of experience
  • Trusted & Preferred Registered Therapists in Whistler, Squamish and Vancouver
  • Specializing in EFT Therapy, Shiatsu, Sports, Couples Massage
  • Combos with hot stones, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and more
  • Natural Therapies & Products
  • Customized Services
  • Competitive Prices

Bringing the spa to you

We deliver a superior spa-like experience, enhanced by high-quality linens, heated table, and calming music. Our mobile services let you save time and reduce stress by staying in the comfort of your own space so you can prolong your re-balancing bliss.

Therapeutic Value for you

We assure that you will benefit from work on the muscle, soft tissue, and energy systems of your body. Massage and shiatsu techniques, along with passive stretches, re-educate and reprogram your mind-body to move more freely, maintain optimal postures, and prevent imbalances from re-occurring. Deeper massage techniques are helpful in treating muscle injuries such as strains, sprains, and stiffness by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the tissue, reducing fluid build-up, and decreasing healing time.
Achieving a state of profound relaxation can do wonders for releasing, refocusing, repairing, and revitalizing. You will emerge from a massage or shiatsu session feeling like a new person! To add ongoing benefit, we will show you stretches and exercises and provide useful tips you can use on your own to achieve relaxation.

Holistic Approach

Whether you receive massage, shiatsu, EFT, or a customized combination of treatments, Nature’s Way addresses your needs as a whole person. We look at our work together as a “complete tune-up” rather than focusing on just one area.

We start where people are at physically and emotionally and work together to move you toward increased wellness.

You may simply prefer a great relaxation massage. For greatest effects and best value, you are encouraged to take advantage of Heather’s unique ability to get to the core of things that are most disturbing, while having a calming effect, with separate or add-on EFT sessions. (Emotional Freedom Technique) This dissolves stresses of life which are underlying causes of muscle tension and pain.
EFT works by helping you identify your underlying negative emotions and limiting beliefs, then reprogram your mind-body to overcome these barriers. You can then live with less physical pain and other physical symptoms.
The new patterns result in enhanced performance so you can live with new vitality, energy and confidence
Clients continue to feel more peaceful, healthy and energetic with ongoing improvements in many areas of their lives, especially their relationships. Also, by continuing to do EFT on their own, they can deal with new emotional issues which may arise, without the intervention of a coach.

Stand-alone EFT sessions can be in-person or via telephone and Skype.

Who We Serve:

Everyone can benefit from these holistic services:

  • Athletes
  • Office workers
  • Manual workers
  • People struggling with relationships or stressful situations (see under EFT tab)
  • Children under 8 are free!

Our Associates:

We find ourselves in this magnificent Sea to Sky Corridor because we share an appreciation of the abundant beauty found here and enjoy numerous outdoor activities the area is known for.
Our team of mobile registered therapists and holistic practitioners who are available seasonally are inspired and passionate healers devoted to cultivating balance both within themselves and their clients.
Experienced certified professionals, committed to continuous education, combining Eastern traditional modalities with techniques from modern science.
Detail-oriented in caring for your issues and offering specifics of how small changes in lifestyle and daily routine can create significant benefits in your life.
On-call Registered Massage Therapists may be available on request.

About our Head Therapist

Natures Way Massage Head Therapist - Heather DonaldsonHeather Donaldson is a skilled, compassionate and dedicated healer. Beginning as a Registered Shiatsu Therapist, she has developed a unique and diverse holistic practice with degrees and certificates in education, health promotion, nutrition, massage, shiatsu, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), counselling and tai chi. Heather currently offers individual sessions and workshops addressing the mind-body.
Heather’s personal vision is to connect powerfully with clients, helping them to consciously challenge current patterns and belief systems that no longer serve them and co-create new ones that serve them better.
She has always been drawn to all things ‘natural’ and strives to live an ideal of balancing work and leisure.
Living in the natural beauty of the Sea to Sky Corridor, Heather is able to achieve her vision. She enjoys swimming, biking, hiking, skiing and tai chi in the magnificent outdoors, eating local organic produce and connecting with like-minded co-creators.