Programs combine coaching and therapy, using fun and powerful tools to create happier lives with more intimacy for singles & couples

Are you looking for relationship coach for singles? Learn to love with all your heart with our experts.

Getting  to the roots of any challenges helps adults to find, create, navigate, nurture and even consciously end intimate relationships.

The unique technique used in all Love Is The Way programs is Roots EFT  (adapted version of Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘Tapping’)

Yes, it’s scary to lean in and rediscover the spark and connection in a relationship or to get into a new one, but how disappointing is it to live a life without intimacy and that self-discovery, growth, harmony, passion and joy that you deserve to have in a love relationship and which you are entirely capable of with a little help Probably, what you’re doing now feels like a losing game and you’re struggling to figure out what to do.

If you’re single, you may be  attracting users, just-for-fun types, non-committals or maybe even zero dates.

If you’re partnered, you may be getting  further and further from your ideal and more conflicted with your partner

Checking any of these boxes?

  • Infidelity
  • Broken Trust
  • Threat of Divorce
  • An Obstinate Spouse
  • Money Conflicts
  • Addictive Behaviors
  • Separation
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Lack of Appreciation
  • No Affection
  • Controlling Personality
  • Grown apart
  • Emotional Infidelity
  • Emotional Neglect
  • Boredom
  • Poor or non-existent communication
  • No Sex

Ugh! … you’re frustrated….. but you don’t want to give up

Good news is you don’t have to give up. It could be that…

  • The only reason you’re struggling with finding your beloved or making it with your partner is because you are only clear about what you DON’T want. You are not clear about what you DO want or how to get it.
  • You were never exposed to proper dating and relationship skills from parents, friends, or other influencers around you.
  • You’re using old or ineffective relationship tools that aren’t working for you.
  • Other deeply held beliefs that you may be unaware of are likely getting in the way.

It’s time to find the lasting, fulfilling love relationship you desire….

Your relationship coach Heather Donaldson wants to see you “get out of life, love and relationships the very best you can imagine—to be cherished, understood and supported, to have fun and relaxed enjoyment as you do with a best friend, to be able to trust in your partner’s devotion, to be able to continue growing together and strengthening your love bond. Now, more than ever, is the time for evolved love.

Heather has a unique and diverse training and expertise in helping others, including herself, to live more easefully, joyfully and peacefully. While running a professional dating coach and massage therapist business, she created the unique Roots EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to transform her clients’ “inner gardens”. Working with the popular EFT technique in coaching sessions or as an add-on to massages, she has a gift for tuning in deeply to what each person truly needs. Over the past decade, she has developed a specialty for guiding men and women to create more intimacy in their lives, beginning with the alleviating stress and then building on skills needed to nurture epic relationships.

As an author and mentor, she has been a guest on podcasts and radio shows, published articles and the guide: “How to Grow a Beautiful Relationship” which has a useful nugget inside for virtually anyone.“Unless we identify and clear out some of these ‘weeds’, we cannot hope to cultivate the beautiful and lasting relationship garden we desire. GET THE GUIDE NOW sometimes working from international hotspots, Heather connects online and in-person.

Ready for more love in your life?

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Heather’s going to use a different technique and you want to try it out first or at least know more about it….

  1. Watch the videos seen here, to look at the science and how-to of tapping
  2.  If you like, review the Tapping Guide  (TIP: tapping points diagram is on Page10.)
  3. Try a tapping script  Heather wrote for resentment or disappointment with a partner’s behavior.


Call Heather or use contact form for anything about tapping and the other elements of the Love Is the Way coaching and experiential programs.

Next baby steps

Book a 30 minute breakthrough session guides you through initial steps of creating or refreshing a fulfilling and enduring relationship


“Intimacy isn’t something you have. It’s something you do…… as you connect  with empathy, vulnerability, and accountability ” (Terry Real: ‘Fierce Intimacy’)We’re not just talking about sex.  In the programs below, you become clear on what dating singles should  do BEFORE getting  involved sexually and what couples should do first, to get back to having  satisfying sex.

Walk in the Garden of Love 6-session program

Individual or couples online sessions guide people like you safely onwards to epic love relationships. This self-development and transformation program is specifically designed to build confidence and create beautiful relationships –attracting, dating, developing, even finishing and preparing for the next if required.The maximum number of sessions may vary, as the content is somewhat flexible and well be adjusted to the individuals’  situation, needs and goals. Recommendation is to start with weekly sessions and move on to bi-weekly. The 6-session series will complete in 1-2 months and may be extended to monthly sessions at same per-session rate.In the case of couples sessions, these can be introduced after each partner has at least one initial individual session.

Sessions include RootsEFT (adapted version of Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘Tapping’)If it’s time, let’s get started on your Walk in the Garden of Love 6-session program If you prefer a group format, an alternative is a 4 week group series (3 hours per week) or weekend intensive are offered periodically.  It is an online course and when safe to do so, live sessions will be offered again.


Once you are in that place of bliss and want to maintain it, you can join in affordable

Love Is the Way Member Package

  • Do regular monthly checkins
  • Share online with other couples
  • Enjoy free webinars with new tools
  • Attend discounted retreats.

“Heather is a genius at intuiting what’s going on with very little information, going to the roots of your distress and clearing it, using her powerful techniques.”

“I am very happy and very grateful for your help.I do believe, that the time we spent together digging deep to figure out why I was making the wrong choices in my relationships, helped me a lot.I also believe the tapping is a great technique to restructure your subconscious/mind and have a better grip on your feelings well-hidden inside. ”Construction worker

“I appreciated the deep work and really made a difference in how I felt about my family feuding. I feel lighter and freer. That released a weight from my shoulders for sure.”

“Heather and EFT helped me realize the importance of communication and some of the self-limiting beliefs I had (which I was not conscious of). I also came to see that we both had our part to play in a healthy relationship, there wasn’t just one guilty party. We had both fallen into blaming the other.”

“I never would have had the courage to confront my partner and stand up for what I want if I hadn’t had that session with you.”

“Las sesiones con Heather me ayudaron a abrir los ojos sobre cómo mi pareja y yo buscámamos lo imposible el uno para el otro y que nunca podríamos ser felices juntos. Después de darme cuenta de esto, y de darme cuenta de que podía obtener lo que realmente necesitaba sola y con otra pareja, tuve la claridad y el coraje de dejar a mi pareja y seguir adelante en mi vida, libre de experimentar más alegría, amor, amistad y apoyo. y crecimiento personal.Me sentí más libre y contento. Me di cuenta de que podía elegir una historia de vida nueva y diferente. Necesitaba un suave empujón hacia adelante y Heather me lo proporcionó.”

Sessions for resolving personal issues using EFT

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